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Seven3Rockers is the story of a vision of transition from mobile VAS to mobile Media. Primarily people consume media while on the move, browsing, messaging, consuming voice applications, e-mailing, downloading etc through a mobile phone or a device with varying screen sizes from 1 inch to 5 inches – averaging at 3 inches. The media consumption of smart phone generation promises to be more fulfilling with rich media experience through emerging devices such as tablet PCs, rich hand held devices of multiple screen sizes from 5 inches to 11 inches – averaging at 7 inches. Thus, Seven3 “Rockers” symbolizes our passion to innovate and to rock the show.

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Why Seven3Rockers


We study client’s requirements to develop an application.


We have successfully delivered many complex applications over the years.

certificationQUALITY WORK

We always believe in quality work and never compromise on product quality.


In-house software skills are required to be updated in latest technologies.

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